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Group IV - Best in the West


To enhance mission performance and group camaraderie by:

Sharing Best Practices

Integrating Unit Activities

Upholding CAP Core Values

   ★302★    ★388★    ★501★    ★508★   

Resource Total Updated 20NOV23
Members 411 167 SM - 244 Cadet
Aircraft 5 4 C182 - 1 C172
COV 6 4 Van - 2 Pickup
Pilots 27 11 MP - 25 TMP
Aircrew 59 36 MO - 59 MS
UAS 21  MP - 10 Tech
GT 2 1 GT2 - 1 GT3
ICUT 152 RDO Pending


On 26MAR2020; Arizona Wing Commander, Col Robert Pinckard, appointed LtCol Stuart Smith to command the newly chartered Group IV of the AZ Wing (SWR-AZ-392) which currently consists of four composite squadrons: Deer Valley-302, Glendale-388, London Bridge-501, and Yuma-508, while the former Bullhead-231 and West Point-319 squadrons have been merged with nearby units.


Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, LtCol Stuart Smith is an honorably discharged USMC veteran, serving from 1984 through 1991 with the "Flying Nightmares" of VMA-513. In the decades since, he has worked for several leading military contractors in addition to local non-profit agencies as a subject matter expert, analyst, project manager, I.T. director, facility director, and technical author. Joining the Civil Air Patrol in 2011 with less than 100 flight hours, he has become an active mission pilot with over one thousand flight hours. His previous CAP leadership positions include Commander of Yuma Composite Squadron 508, Southwest Regional Staff College Seminar Advisor, Arizona SUI Team Chief, Aircrew Skills Evaluator/Trainer; and more recently, Volunteer University Level 5 Instructor. LtCol Smith's CAP awards include the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, Region Commander's Commendation, Wing Commander's Commendation-7th award, CAP Achievement, Unit Citation-3rd award, Rescue Find-Aircrew/3rd award, SAR-Aircrew/3rd award, Disaster Relief-National V, Crisis Service, Cadet Orientation-4th award, Senior Recruitment, Encampment-2nd award, and Colonel "Chuck" Yeager award. He also holds a Master rating in Information Technology; Senior ratings in Command, Operations, and Emergency Services; and Technician ratings in Communications, Logistics, and Safety. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to lead Group IV as its first commander and proud to support its dedicated volunteers in accomplishing our shared vision. Together, we are the "Best in the West"! ~ LtCol Stuart J. Smith, CAP

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